Doc Martin’s Relief Veterinary Services, LLC and Judi Martin DVM will provide quality, compassionate and professional veterinary relief services for practices along the Emerald Coast.  My goal and promise to you as a colleague is to provide great personalized customer service and quality veterinary care for your patients.  Dr. Martin’s twenty plus years experience with numerous types of practice settings and strong communication skills has provided her with a unique ability to virtually adapt to any hospital scenario and situation.  Whether you are a sole-general practitioner, multi-specialty clinic, or a busy veterinary practice, Dr. Martin can assist with your practice's staffing needs on a relief basis. Relief services can be scheduled subject to availability. 

Fee Schedule

Whether your practice needs veterinary relief services for a day, a week or to supplement existing staff challenges during peak seasons, we are here to provide exceptional, professional veterinary care.   I work as an independent contractor, carrying my own health, disability, and liability insurance. And because I am not an employee of your practice, you would not be subject to payroll taxes or the added cost of workers’ compensation coverage for me. Many sole practitioners are looking to hire additional veterinarians but Relief Veterinary services may “bridge the gap” until that is an option for the aforementioned reasons.  My hourly fee is for hours worked – I cover my own travel expenses and time. 


Click here to download a copy of the Service Agreement