Welcome to Doc Martin's Veterinary Relief Services


Locum tenens - is a Latin phrase meaning “one holding a place”. Doc Martin’s Relief Veterinary Services will do just that.  Rest assured your practice will be in good hands while you are away.  Whether your practice needs veterinary relief services for a day, a week or to supplement existing staff challenges during peak seasons, we are here to provide exceptional, professional veterinary care.  


Let us help

Our sole objective and commitment to you as a colleague is to provide and uphold the standard of care that your clients have grown accustomed to under your care as a practitioner.  We strive to ensure the continuity of care and flow of your practice so that ultimately there is no loss of revenue and clientele remain at full capacity.  And it is our fervent goal that our services will prove to be an additional resource to continue to build your practice.


Our job is to take care of your needs and we look forward to providing our services to you and to your clientele.  Call Doc Martin’s Relief Veterinary Services if you are in need of some worry free, stress free relief.  Call (443) 995-8450 today or visit the availability calendar to make an online request and we will get back with you within 24 hours.